"I am emerging as a leader"

A visual reference for IRON is a chain being torn in two; this represents breaking the chains of negativity that keep us anchored to the ground and prevent us from reaching our goals. Respect is the cornerstone of the club. Through IRON, instead of taking away from my community, I have begun to give back to it by volunteering at soup kitchens, mentoring elementary school kids, and assisting anyone who needs help, whether they ask for it or not… I am emerging as a leader, confident in my own decisions and brave enough to oppose the majority when I know it to be wrong. I now understand that holding the door open for someone is not just a sign of respect or a passing kindness. Little by little I am improving the way people around me view young African-American men, making them reconsider stereotypes they’ve been harboring all their lives.

- Edward Turner

Legs in Jeans

"This program will leave a positive lifetime scar"

My husband and I are parents of twin boys who attend Amherst County High School. They are presently involved in the IRON program, which is sponsored by Amherst County High School. We are very proud parents of this activity because our sons often speak positively about it. Even though my husband and I train, support, and monitor our boys, it is exciting to hear of other positive influences that they feel comfortable being a part of. Other schools would benefit from this program as much as Amherst High School. Our sons are very excited about this because they are apart of something that polishes the training that they receive at home. This program is designed to develop and to polish areas such as respect, leadership, and any other types of positive attitudes that are needed in order to show success. I would like to thank the coordinator for taking the time to do something like this for students that will benefit from it. I know that this program will leave a POSITIVE lifetime scar on my boys as well as other boys.

- Mrs. Thomas

"it helped me in my college decision making"

Thank you for the IRON program because it honestly helped me in my college decision making. I chose RMC because it reminded me of home, their academics are at their highest and beat everyone in the conference of the ODAC. Most importantly, the school's biggest goal is to turn all their students into better men and women, husbands and wives, companions and people.

- Chris Grubbs

"They are learning to become respectful citizens"

During this time when all the public hears are negative comments about our children, it is wonderful to have Derrick Brown take the initiative to help students become better individuals . . . They are learning to become respectful citizens who care about the world in which they live. Two of my personal recommendations have dropped by my room to inform me that they have been accepted at colleges. I know that they both wanted to go to college, but never dreamed of being able to do so. Being a member of IRON gave them the confidence to make this important step.

- Rita Hartless